What is the cancellation policy of American airlines?

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If you have plans to cancel your tickets with American airlines then one important thing which you should certainly have knowledge in is the American airlines cancellation policy. This tutorial will offer you right from the scratch with a legit guide with regards to the same.

In case passengers are feeling drowsy to go through this tutorial then there is always an easy alternative available with us. The alternative is none other than asking for assistance from us by visiting the contact us page and then choosing a relevant mode to connect with us and get one stop solution for the same without any sort of hassles. Other passengers can always move down the tutorial and follow the guidelines for cancellation policy as mentioned down in the tutorial.

American Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • In case you feel that you want to cancel the booking immediately after booking or within 24 hours of booking then in that case only the transaction charges are deducted. Passengers can then expect  the entire amount of refund.
  • Passengers canceling their tickets after 24 hours time frame and 4 hours prior to departure of the flight will have to bear the cancellation charges. The amount that would be deducted would be displayed onto the screen.
  • Cancellation should only be done in case passengers have booked the tickets that are refundable in nature. For non-refundable tickets passengers will not get any sort of refund even if they are getting their tickets canceled.
This is the American Airlines Cancellation Policy. If you willing to cancel your ticket then contact to our airlines support.
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